Attract the Love of your Life

Can be taken via phone or Skype from anywhere in the world or in-person, depending on where you live. 
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Complimentary and Relaxed Initial Session with me 

All Coaching begins with a relaxed and loving complimentary talk with me so that we can become acquainted, you can feel at ease and get a feel for my coaching style, ask your questions, discuss cost and payment options and generally feel comfortable should you decide to move forward. I can get a feel for your specific needs and desires so that I can be sure to design a program fully customized for you and to best gain the results you are looking for.  I have learned that there is no "one size fits all" and while a course of sessions is generally recommended, you may like to start with or indeed,  only need one session and that's perfectly okay.  This time is given with the highest integrity, love and with your wellbeing and needs being of the first priority.


Here is an example program package: 
(please note this is an example only, your program will be put together for you after your initial complimentary session).


During this fully customized, extensive and thorough program, I become your partner to radically transform your love-life forever! With love and compassion, I shine the light on the hidden blocks you’re unable to see for yourself, providing my expertise, knowledge and personal experience, while also allowing you to have your own insights and real transformation from the inside out. Covering everything from releasing trauma, transforming old beliefs and patterns, becoming a radiant woman, healing the past, letting go of ex-loves to dating, online dating, how to determine whether someone is a match to navigating the first stages of relationship, beginning a sexual relationship in a safe way, releasing co-dependency, setting and maintaining boundaries and sustaining relationship to keep it alive.


In-depth description:

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Love and Support for you:

Features and Format: 

This is a very comprehensive program and is one to do if you are READY to radically transform your relationships forever! It takes you on a step-by-step journey and is customized for each individual. You have extensive personal one-on-one time with private coaching sessions and healing sessions to address YOUR unique and specific challenges. There is also comprehensive fully downloadable material to support the private sessions. With laser calls and email support between coaching sessions, you are never left to do the program alone and we are fully available to you. 

Let’s take a look at what you receive:

Here’s each of these elements in more detail:

8 X 70 minute Private Coaching Sessions with Julie-Anne


During these sessions we work together to discover and address your specific patterns and challenges. Julie-Anne helps you to unravel the mystery of how these patterns have been occurring and guides you on how to transform them. Every session is full of new insights, clarity and transformation to move you forward to love. 

During each session we agree together on specific actions you can apply in the real world so that you actually start having a new experience of life and love. The transformation goes into your cells as you start seeing results. Julie-Anne gives you the tools, resources and practices as well as her vast experience (both from her own journey to love and from working with thousands of clients and what worked for them) to completely change your experience and start attracting a partner who can’t wait to have a loving, committed relationship with you. 

“Laser focused” Calls with Julie-Anne between main coaching sessions 

Between each main coaching session, you’ll have the chance to connect with Julie-Anne for a 15-minute “laser” call giving you the chance to connect with Julie-Anne regularly. Here we can hone in on a particular challenge or questions you have, as well as celebrate you! 

Unlimited Email Coaching and Support with Julie-Anne 

As you are going through the program you can email Julie-Anne with questions and for support with challenges as they come up. You can also send your insights and celebrations! Julie-Anne will answer your questions, and provide suggestions/feedback to help you to meet your challenges. She’ll also celebrate your achievements with you – always standing with you and for you every step of the way. 

Downloadable “Extraordinary Love” Material 


Between the coaching sessions, Julie-Anne will send you fully downloadable material consisting of reflection exercises and processes, tips, tools and resources both in workbook and audio form. This is provided in an easy to manage step-by-step format. With unlimited email support and “trouble-shooting” calls between sessions with Julie-Anne as well as an online community, you are never left alone with the material. Julie-Anne is available to you and supports you every step of the way. 

Send Julie-Anne your Reflections Feedback and Loving Accountability! 

Each week you can choose to send Julie-Anne your reflections for feedback and a sense of loving accountability during the process. Many people have found that this helps to keep them on track and focused to accelerate results. 

Investment in yourself and to your transformation! 

Our private programs are for you if you are ready and willing to invest the time, energy and money into completely transforming this part of your life and to having the extraordinary relationship you want and deserve.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store for you:

Step 1: Open Up and Get Ready to Receive Your Beloved


This first step is all about opening up to new possibilities you haven’t yet imagined! You’ll make a radical new commitment to yourself to become your best self to attract your best love. 


Create your inspiring and compelling vision of love

Step 2: Heal the Trauma and Pain of the Past


Here you will identify and transform the old patterns that have been holding you back and learn how let them go once and for all. You’ll clear away and heal old painful experiences and let go of ex-loves. 


Step 3: Change Your Patterns and Beliefs and Awaken to Your Actual Truth

carefree attractive girl in field

In this step you’ll discover the unseen or unconscious beliefs and patterns you may not have known you had. You’ll leave behind the story of the past and create a new empowered story. You’ll start to own your own value and the truth and beauty of who you are. 


Step 4: Shine Up Your Radiant Light and Become Irresistibly Magnetic


In this step you will make shift from passively waiting for love to come along to using your radiance to draw love towards you! You’ll discover the keys to becoming magnetic and your most radiant, feminine and authentic self – hugely attractive to a partner!

Step 5: BE the Person You Would Like to Be With

joyful carefree woman

In this step you’ll learn the difference between going out to endlessly search for love and instead, drawing love towards you like a magnet! 


Step 6: Start Living Your Vision of Love Right Now

Enjoying the sun

In this step you will discover the power, excitement and joy of creating and living your very best life as you get in touch with your vision, values, passions and purpose.

Step 7: Send Out Your Love Signal

Woman Standing Against Nature's Sunset

In this step you’ll learn everything you need to know about dating and navigating a new relationship – the questions to ask and how to determine whether someone is a good match for you and setting up a safe dynamic and what to have in place before having sex.

Step 8: Embody, Integrate and Celebrate Your Journey to Your Beloved’s Arms


In this final step you will have the opportunity to fully take in all that you have learned. We will come together to totally celebrate you!