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Spring Fever: 5 Ways to Open Up to Find New Love

Mar 31, 2014

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, trees are turning green again, birds are building their nests and we all naturally become more interested in finding love, sex and romance. With longer, lighter and brighter days, you have a spring in your step as you start to think about new beginnings. Are you ready to find new love? It may be you could do with a little “spring cleaning” to draw in the love you want. Take a...

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Your MANual to Speaking and Understanding “Man Language” – 10 things all women need to know

Mar 19, 2014

Your MANual to Speaking and Understanding “Man Language” – 10 things all women need to know Do you ever think that you and your man are from different planets? Does it seem as though you speak completely different languages? You do! Men and women actually have their own unique languages. But you can learn how to approach and respond to your man in a whole new way that will bring you into synch and closer together....

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Your 14-day “Attract Your Valentine” Boot Camp

Jan 20, 2014

Your 14-day “Attract Your Valentine” Boot Camp Valentines Day is fast approaching. If you’re single this may fill you with dread as you contemplate yet another year watching couples celebrating together wondering when your true love will come along. But success in attracting true love can only happen from a place of joy and happiness within your self. So what can you do to keep your joy flowing and your attractor...

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5 Top Things to find the love of your life in 2014

Jan 3, 2014

1. Stop wishing – be on a mission! Are you dreaming, hoping, wishing and longing for love to come along? Stop. Instead be on a mission to create the relationship you want. You see you can go for years wishing and dreaming. Like most of us, you were probably brought up to believe in fairytales – that one day (if you wait long enough) your prince will come and you will live happily ever after! You may also think that...

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Single? 5 things you can do to enjoy the holidays

Dec 24, 2013

It’s that time of year when everyone is celebrating. You look around you and see couples together in love. I remember this very well. I used to dread the holiday season and yet another year alone, wondering whether my special someone was ever going to come along to celebrate with. I would try to put on my smiling, happy face but underneath the ache and pain was always there. At this time of year the loneliness can feel crushing...

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