Spiritual Partnership: What are 3 key components of a spiritual partnership?
November 21, 2013
Summary: Spiritual partnership has several key components: commitment to truth, self-responsibility, and daily spiritual practice.

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Every spiritual partnership has 3 key components. Read on to discover these simple elements that will change the way you approach relationship.

1. Commitment to truth

This is where I say, “I’m going to live my truth no matter what. I’m going to take action and make choices from the deepest place of my internal intuitive guidance and deepest knowing of my soul, and then I’m going to support that in my partner.”

It’s a commitment to truth as in communicating the truth and telling the truth. That doesn’t mean you have to communicate everything and say everything that’s on your mind or process everything. What it does mean is that I do have to share anything that withholding would cause the relationship to suffer. Withholding would cause the energy of the relationship to drop. Your connection would diminish.

An image for this is things dropping through the cracks. I don’t want to let things drop through the cracks. The more of what I don’t say drops through the cracks, the more you get this abyss of the unspoken. This abyss can get deeper and wider the more you withhold. Essentially this abyss represents the vibrancy and vitality and passion that was the relationship. I’m equating a commitment to the truth or telling the truth with a vibrant, passionate relationship. Without this type of truth telling, the relationship becomes stale and distant.

2. Commitment to self-responsibility.

Whatever is going on, I check in with myself as to what my own grievances or feelings might be and what I need. Then from that place, I communicate honestly and authentically and vulnerably where I’m not blaming or shaming or projecting or criticizing my partner. Another component would be authenticity and vulnerability.

This means that I’m committed to being my most authentic self rather than who I imagine my partner wants me to be. It’s the courage to take off the mask and allow ourselves really to be seen in our most vulnerable places, those places that might not have been seen before. We might not love those places. They might not look pretty. It could be allowing the deepest trauma or wounded places of ourselvesto be fully seen. There’s a huge amount of healing in that.

3. Commitment to a daily spiritual practice.

Daily spiritual practice is time and space we give our self, to nourish ourselves and give ourselves the resources and the tools to connect with our self. The three main purposes of a daily practice are:

  • to deepen our connection to our self and to Source or to God
  • to connect with our gratitude and appreciation for ourselves and others, for the blessings and the good things that we have in our life right now
  • to foster a deeper acceptance for our self and for what is right now

This could be meditation or prayer or yoga or reading inspirational material.It could be walking in nature, where we’re in our body,filled with awe and appreciation for the beauty around us. The mind begins to still. The inner critic relaxes, and we feel inner peace and spaciousness and acceptance and more of a connectedness to our self and nature and God.

The idea is that we need a reference point, that connectedness, that spaciousness. So much of day-to-day life can be quite contracting or disconnecting.When we have that reference point, we go, “Oh, that’s right. That’s what my authentic self is. Oh, that’s what it feels like being connected.” And then we can bring all the other aspects of our life into alignment and experience the spiritual partnership that brings fulfillment and love into our lives. That’s what we long for in relationship.

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