Give up Blaming or Shaming Your self or Other People, and Step into Radical Self-Responsibility
November 21, 2013
We give up blaming ourselves. We give up blaming our parents or our upbringing and we give up blaming God. Instead, we decide that from hereon in, we are going to be responsible for what we create in our lives and we start to look at our part in our past experiences.

This does not mean that we haven’t had experiences that have hurt us and caused us pain or where people have treated us poorly. This pain and these experiences are very valid and we need to heal the pain. However, we begin to see that blaming others for what is going on in our lives is only keeping us stuck and preventing the very things that we would like most from coming to us. Our only access to the power we need to change our experiences is in looking to see what needs to change within us. The truth is that when we alter the relationship we have with ourselves and take it on to heal, grow, learn and expand, our external world completely changes and we start to attract a new experience of life and love.

When we start to take responsibility for our own lives, we do so by becoming genuinely curious and interested in our own internal obstacles to love. We actually become the most loving and curious detective on ourselves!

We do this without blaming or shaming ourselves or beating ourselves up. We realize that these things only stunt our growth even further and ultimately, are more ways of avoiding learning, growing and expanding.

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