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November 21, 2013
Getting to Your “I’m Gonna Do Whatever It Takes” Moment

I clearly remember coming to this moment a few year ago. I was in England. I had been experiencing the same old pattern in love over and over again, that of being abandoned and rejected and always attracting unavailable, uncommitted men who didn’t see me. This had become very disappointing, disillusioning and confusing. I thought I was a good person doing good things in the world. I thought I was reasonably attractive. Other parts of my life seemed to be going well and I had been working on myself for years, yet this area of my life seemed to be stuck. The pain of this had become too much.

My “I’m gonna do whatever it takes” moment happened one day in the middle of the night. I woke up suddenly with an absolute certainty and conviction. I said to myself “If I am to experience the kind of connection with someone that I sense must be possible, I’m going to need to take radical action. I need to do whatever it takes.” I remember saying out loud; “I am committed to doing whatever it takes for love. I am willing to become who I need to be. I will not die not having experienced the kind of love I long for.” I didn’t know at the time that for me personally this was going to mean giving up my home, work and everything I had known and relocating to another country. While my commitment has certainly tested me and brought it’s own challenges, it was so worth it for the extraordinary life, love and relationship I now experience.

What does it mean to get to your “I’m gonna do whatever it takes” moment?”

It means that you are truly willing to do and become whatever is needed to attract the love of your life. It means that you give up blaming or shaming anyone or anything else and instead start to engage the question “Who would I need to be to attract the love and relationship I would like?” It means that you are willing to release and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. You are willing to learn the new skills and capacities necessary. You are willing to go where you need to go, or be in the void and unknowingness. It means you are willing to embrace the pain of the past and are willing to face yourself, even the parts that don’t look pretty. It means that you are willing to realize that you may need help and support along the way and are willing to seek out this support and ask for it. It means that you are finally at the point where you are willing to invest the time, energy and money needed to draw towards you the love you yearn for.

When we make this type of commitment and we are absolutely serious about it, all sorts of things start to show up in our lives to support us. Life aligns with our commitment and magic and synchronicities start to occur. The right book or person or resources will appear.

The truth is that no amount of training, information, visualization, mediations or anything else will suffice when looking to attract love. You have to be willing to actually take action and do what it takes! From this mindset, the possibilities for life and love are limitless and your soulmate success is guaranteed.

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