An Intention Versus a Wish List
November 21, 2013
When we are committed to drawing love towards us, we give up hoping, wishing and dreaming of love and instead we intentionally start to cause and create it in our lives.

This intention then becomes our focal point and north star! Everything we do revolves around this intention and our lives become organized and prioritized around it.

We set an intention by firstly getting in touch with our deep desires and yearnings for love and relationship. Many people numb out or suppress these desires due to past painful experiences or fearing they can never be realized. Or they come from a place of endlessly wanting without the desire to take responsibility and create it.

However, our desire for love is good and right and sacred, we are here to love and be loved!

Success Stories

“I met my man who is “hand-picked” for me”

“Results I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams”

“It works like magic - I'm now planning my wedding”

“Huge changes in just a few weeks”

“Working with Julie-Anne is like having your very own personal angel guiding you to love”