How do we become more radiant?
November 21, 2013
Now that we know what radiance is, how do we become more radiant? We take the risk to stop being invisible. It’s starting to look at what are my beliefs about myself being beautiful and radiant? Have the courage to stop hiding.

Ask yourself:

Am I hiding?

Is there more to express in me?

What are my passions?

What is my vision for my life?

What do I have to contribute to others?

What do I have to contribute to the world?

When we realize when we’re censored by our own insecurity, we start to see a very young part of ourselves.

When we’re trying to get approval from people, we’re showing off our little girl. We’re showing up in this needy way, trying to get approval. Many of us have had experiences as teenagers in love where we’ve been rejected or somebody made a comment about our weight or our hair or something, and we’re still carrying around that mindset now. We’re still walking around as those teenagers. We haven’t healed those parts of ourselves.

So it’s really starting to get in touch with any belief that is holding us back and really starting to get in touch with our own aliveness and our own beauty as women and realizing that those little flaws that you might see as perceived flaws—the mole on your stomach or the few extra pounds, or the bit of cellulite, or the frizzy hair, whatever it is—those are the things that your beloved is going to be lit up by. I know that seems hard to believe, but your beloved will be so lit up by you for being you, just the way that you are.

That’s really what people want from each other, isn’t it? It’s really they want to be more connected at the level of truth in each other and that’s such a beautiful gift to give someone. Tap into that and your radiance will expand organically because it’s the real you showing up. It’s not Doing more, it’s Being more of You.

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