Create an Inviting and Welcoming Home and Environment for Your Beloved’s Arrival
December 21, 2013
As part of our commitment to opening up to love, we need to look at our environments.

So many people, when they are single, are living in cold, unwelcoming environments, waiting for someone to come along so that they can escape!

We need to create an environment representing the future we are committed to creating with a partner. What we are doing here is symbolic, even if we are living in a small space or somewhere that we don’t think we will continue to live when our partner comes along.

Start by looking at your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a space devoted to love, warmth, affection and intimacy.

Do you have stuffed toys from childhood in your bedroom? Do you have pictures of your parents or relics or letters from previous love affairs? Do you use your bedroom as an office space?

If so, you may want to rearrange things for example: put the pictures of your parents in a different room.

Have a look at your closets and drawers. Are they crammed full? Make some space for your partner now.

Is your bed pushed up against a wall so that it can only be entered from one side? Make some space for your potential love to enter from the other side. Do you have a nightstand for both of you?

Start to create pairs of things in your home: pairs of pillows, pairs of cushions, a pair of candlesticks.

The idea is to create a feeling of togetherness. Do you have lots of pictures or ornaments of people on their own?

I remember buying a picture of something that I imagined my partner and I doing together. In my case it was walking along the ocean, our hair blowing in the breeze, hand in hand, looking happy and free. I brought a picture representing this image and hung it on the wall.

I would encourage you to do this. Imagine and visualize an activity that you would like you and your partner to do together, then buy a picture representing this.

Do you have two coffee mugs, one for your partner?

I remember one client bought some champagne and kept it on a side table with two glasses. She wrote to me with so much joy, relaying how her and her love had celebrated their meeting by drinking it.

When opening to love we also need to look at our schedule. We need to create the room in our schedule to explore new relationships and let new people into our lives.

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