The Top 4 Things men are looking for in a woman
October 21, 2013
We’ve all been there. I remember having yet another break-up with a man I really thought was Mr. Right. Yes, I had felt the subtle “clues” over the last few weeks or so but I didn’t want to acknowledge them, I certainly didn’t want to address them. Kept hoping for the best, making all kinds of excuses! You know how it goes: he’s not phoning as often, he’s not communicating what he feels, he seems to have pulled back.

Then the dreaded “We need to talk,” which is really the “break-up” chat.

Yes, I remember it well. I would then call all my friends to cry, complain and have the “men are all the same” conversation! My friends would be full of good advice. They meant well but were having their own struggles in love too. It wasn’t until I resolved to change the pattern forever, right then, once and for all, that everything started to change. Yes, when I sought the support of a love-mentor, someone who had been there themselves and could shine the light on what the heck was going on – it wasn’t too long before I met my beloved Gary.

Because like anything, transformation requires taking ACTION!

So if you’re single and fed up with the same old patterns and want ACTIONS that you can take RIGHT AWAY, this is for you!

Over the years in my work, I’ve come to know what men are looking for when it comes to finding the woman they fall in love with forever. But just to check it out, I asked my beloved Gary what men are looking for when they’re looking for their wife. He’s a conscious, spiritual, intelligent and all round AMAZING man. So here goes:

A woman who ALLOWS him to give to her – then appreciates, appreciates and appreciates some more!

Celebrate, acknowledge and hold your man in high regard. Speak highly of him, to other people. Allow him to help you and receive his help gracefully – whether it’s carrying your heavy suitcase, cooking for you, running your bath etc. Men LOVE a receptive woman and WANT to make us happy so ALLOW him to do so. You can also gently and lovingly let him know what would make you happy, then sit back and let him choose what he would like to do.

Very important: Appreciate, appreciate and appreciate some more. Tell him specifically what his action provided for you.

For example: “When you sorted out my new car insurance it gave me peace of mind.” Men thrive on appreciation and will want to give you more and more!

Take Action:

Every day look for opportunities to acknowledge and appreciate men. Yes, it starts with men all around you in your everyday life – your brother, neighbor, friends, colleagues.

Get into the practice of appreciating men and gracefully receiving what they give to you right now, before your true love arrives!

You can do this too if you’re married or already in a relationship too – this is how you KEEP the love of your life. This energy of receptivity and gratitude is extremely magnetic!

A woman who feels good about herself and knows her worth

Conscious men (and the type of men we want to attract,) feel genuinely sad when they hear us beating up on ourselves. They see us as beautiful, amazing beings and want us to see ourselves this way.

A woman who knows her own worth and is confident in who she is, is very attractive to her man and he’ll want to keep you knowing that you are a HUGE catch!

Start to catch those negative voices: “I’m not as good/intelligent/beautiful as my girlfriend,” I wish I was thinner,” “I hate my hair.” Consciously choose a new language.

If there are things you would like to change for example losing weight, lovingly take inspired action (like taking up some exercise) but do it because you love yourself and want to be your best for YOU.

Get out that body lotion you never use.Each morning after your shower as you use it, say: “I love me, I love my body. This will help change your vibration so that you give out an energy that attracts and inspires love all around you.

A woman who doesn’t complain about the things he can’t change

Endless complaining is a real turn-off for men. There is a big difference between expressing what you would like or need, and complaining.

A man is much more inspired to give you what you need when you appreciate him and when he knows he can win at making you happy. There is nothing more uninspiring to a man than a woman who, no matter what he does can’t be made happy.

Even with the BIGGIES that you really want in life – if a man has shown that he wants you to have them, is working towards them but is unable to give them to you right now, appreciate him for his efforts and quit complaining – then sit back as he makes even more effort for the woman he loves.

Take Action:

Catch yourself when you have the thought to complain and consciously choose a different response. Breathe and give yourself the empathy you need that you don’t have what you would like right now. Then think of something you appreciate about him and let him know.

This doesn’t mean that you ignore your feelings – you can share with him that you feel sad etc., but don’t blame him, project onto him or complain. Let him know how happy he makes you in so many ways. When you focus on those things, they will get bigger!

A woman who makes him/the relationship a priority, but not the only thing in her life

That’s right, your man wants to know that he and your relationship is number one. But he doesn’t want the pressure of being the sole source of your happiness 24/7!

As I always say – start living your best life right now to attract your best love. Don’t wait for your man to come along before you start living! When you are living your life, seeing your friends, doing things you love, fully engaging and participating in life – you will attract someone with similar qualities – an on-purpose, conscious man who is READY to completely devote himself to YOU.

Take Action:

Take that class you have been talking about for months. Go on that trip you’ve wanted to go on for years. Gratefully accept next time you are invited out somewhere.

Write a list of all the things you have been putting off. No more excuses eg. “I haven’t got anyone to do it with,” or “I don’t have time.” Generally commit to being and living the very best version of yourself and watch as your soul mate magically shows up!

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