Single? 5 things you can do to enjoy the holidays
December 24, 2013
It’s that time of year when everyone is celebrating. You look around you and see couples together in love.

I remember this very well. I used to dread the holiday season and yet another year alone, wondering whether my special someone was ever going to come along to celebrate with. I would try to put on my smiling, happy face but underneath the ache and pain was always there.

At this time of year the loneliness can feel crushing and the old limiting beliefs such as; “Everyone gets love except me,” or “I’m not good enough” can really set in.

Here are 5 things you can do to not only survive the holiday, but enjoy them too!

1. Be around uplifting, supportive people

This time of year can be full of family gatherings. For some of you this may not be such a great thing. Family members are the best at pushing our buttons!

If this is the case for you, try to limit how much time you spend with people who don’t support you.

Be around as many supportive, uplifting and nurturing people as you can. Make a list of all the supportive people in your life and start reaching out to them now. Be authentic and tell them how much you would love to spend time with them and would appreciate their support over the holidays, also asking what you can do for them.

The good news is that you get to have whatever Christmas you would like – you can choose! So, start planning your time and focusing your attention on making it uniquely yours with doing things and being with people you love.

2. Stay connected to yourself

It’s vital to stay connected to yourself when those old thoughts or beliefs arise. Beliefs such as; “Everyone gets love except me” or “I’m not good enough.” These beliefs are not true. They were probably formed a very long time ago as a way to survive but they are no longer serving you.

It’s time to lovingly but ferociously start to challenge these beliefs. In my programs I teach women how to transform these beliefs forever.

A good way to start is to write a “statement of truth” and say it every time the belief arises.

Next time the belief comes up, ask yourself: “What’s actually true about that belief I have?” Really begin and allow yourself to feel what’s actually true.

Then create your “truth statement” such as:

“The truth is I am so deserving of love. It’s just not true that I’m the only one who doesn’t get love. Love is my divine birthright and I am here to love and be loved. I create love all around me everywhere I go. I am open to receiving love right now.”

Get into the practice of feeling the truth of your statement until it starts to go into your cells. Say it at the first hint of the old belief to start to give out a new energy that people will want to be around.

3. Be grateful

Gratitude expands what you already have and opens up a space for more good things to come to you!

Each day over the holidays, make a list before you go to bed of what you were grateful for that day.

You can always find something to be grateful for so start with things like “good food,” “a warm bed” or “freedom” if need be.

Make a list of the soulmates you already have. Soulmates are not just romantic partners. They are special people you have in your life and people you feel particularly connected to.

Be grateful for these special connections and find a way to let them know through a kind word, a card or a gift.

Know that as you appreciate the soulmates in your life right now, you are opening up more space for your true love to arrive.

4. Give and Receive

There is nothing like giving to others and those less fortunate to provide a new perspective.

Seeing the smile on someone’s face when you have given them something from your heart is incredibly fulfilling.

This is the time to give to those special people in your life. I’m also a great believer in spontaneous giving just because! No special reason or explanation needed.

There are also plenty of great causes to donate your time to at this time of year.

Who do you feel particularly called to help?

Whether it’s children, seniors or animals, do some research now.

Whether you give your time, energy or money, there are always ways to give.

It’s also important that you stay open to receiving. Be in the conscious practice of gracefully receiving what others give to you. Receive like a queen, knowing that you are so worth it. Allow yourself to take each gift deeply into your heart.

5. Commit to attracting the love of your life in 2014!

If you are serious about having a wonderful partner and a fulfilling relationship, it’s time to invest in yourself and this part of your life.

We can go for years dreaming, wishing, hoping and waiting for love. The real shift occurs when you get serious about it and set about making a real commitment to transforming your love life forever.

Transformation happens in line with your commitment. This is beyond an “interest” or “dabbling” or trying things out. This type of commitment calls for both feet firmly in and the willingness to do what it takes.

This means doing the inner work necessary to finally release all of the past pain, patterns and obstacles. And, it means learning to become your most radiant, irresistibly magnetic self to attract a man who is lit up by your mere presence and existence and can’t wait to devote himself completely to YOU.

You see, you can only get so far trying to do this alone. You may well need a mentor – someone who has been there themselves – to shine the light on the hidden barriers, blocks and obstacles that are standing in your way.

When I got my very own love-mentor, everything opened up for me and it wasn’t too long before I met the wonderful man who is now my husband and now have the extraordinary relationship I always wanted. I wouldn’t trade what I have now for any investment of time or money.

I know you can have this too. Make that commitment to invest in yourself and say “Yes” to love now.

To find out how you can work with me click here.

I am sending you so much love for a wonderful holiday.

Lots of love,


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