Cultivating Receptivity: Irresistible to a Quality Man!
August 4, 2014
In romantic relationships, there is a giver and a receiver.

Some people call this a pursuer and an accepter, but the central idea is that one person leads the dance and the other follows as long as the second person feels happy and comfortable following. The receiver/accepter can always bow out and stop dancing at any time.

Typically, male energy wants to pursue. That’s a man’s natural state. Female energy receives and appreciates. Women have more and more power in the workforce, politically, and personally. This leads to living in male energy that spills over into relationships and short circuits the close, loving bond based on this giving and receiving dynamic with a special man that every heterosexual woman craves.

When we women allow someone to give to us and receive their gift with appreciation, a connection forms. Continue to receive, and the connection grows.

Tapping into your female energy, ask yourself, Am I more comfortable giving or receiving? If giving, what is your underlying motivation for giving? Are you trying to gain love, acceptance and approval? Proving that you are worthy and capable? Protecting yourself from being vulnerable? Do you feel like asking for support makes you a burden to others? Self-sufficiency takes away our capacity to receive and have healthy mutuality in a romantic relationship. It’s time to ensure you are giving for the right reasons and from a place of fullness rather than lack. It’s time to expand your capacity to receive. Start with the people all around you. This is the time to practice in preparation for receiving your true love who will want to give you so much!

What would you like to receive from a man? Write them down. Here are a few to get you started:

  • I need to be told I’m beautiful.
  • I need to be cherished.
  • I need to be seen and heard.
List everything you can think of, then ask yourself, For which of these would I rather be alone than do without? These are non-negotiable for you. These will qualify the man who becomes your man.

Open up to receiving those non-negotiable needs by allowing the warm energy of appreciation to flow out of you. Be concise and clear about what you need, and give him a choice to give to you rather than demanding. Ask others: “What do you need from me in order to give me what I need?” Make it easy to give to you. Enroll and inspire others to give to you.

Even when we ask, sometimes people can't give us what we need. Maybe the man you are with doesn’t know how to give. Don't make that mean something about you. Your value is sure and constant. You are a deeply worthy and beautiful woman with so much to contribute. If he is not willing or able give you what you need, you are simply not a match.

There is someone out there who will be excited and “lit up” by you. There is someone who can’t wait to give to you. That person is waiting to meet you too, so don’t waste time and energy on someone who is not a match or on devaluing yourself. Shine your radiant light and you will draw your true love to you.

What new choices and actions can you take today to put yourself in alignment with expanding and receiving from that special someone? Be sure to take steps towards what you see right now!

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