Move from Your Ex-Love to Your AMAZING Next-Love!
October 6, 2014
Are you still pining over an ex? Is there someone in your life that you are calling a “friend” but you are secretly hoping that you will get back together?

When you want to attract new love but you are still thinking about an old love, you give out a confused love signal! It’s vital that you are freed up from any old loves so that your new love can come to you.

You may also have an ex-love who is no longer in your life but you still have feelings for him and secretly find yourself comparing him to new men you meet.

This stale energy keeps you stuck and will block your new love from coming to you. When you are saying you want new love but are still thinking about an old love, you give out a confused love-signal! Your love-signal needs to be crystal clear so that the universe can deliver.

There were reasons why you split up. The only way the two of you can get back together and have a healthy relationship is for these reasons to be resolved and for both partners to be fully, one hundred per cent committed to resolving it.

More often than not this doesn’t happen and one person would like it to work while the other is half-hearted or has moved on in their mind and heart.

It’s time to be honest with yourself, let the old love go if necessary, learn as much as possible from the experience and carry it forward into your new relationship.

If you have experienced a recent break-up then you will need to give yourself some time to grieve and lovingly self-soothe yourself. You may also need to get some support to navigate this vulnerable time.

Then, it is time to do some reflection on the experience, while continuing to be loving and kind to yourself.

Here's some questions to reflect on:

  • Where did I see a warning sign or a red flag but I ignored it?
  • Were there times I intuitively knew something was wrong but I didn't say anything?
  • Where did I dismiss my own needs for fear of being rejected?
  • In what situations didn't I speak my truth?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  • What do I need to do to forgive myself and my ex so that I can fully move on?
  • Do I need any support and if so, how might I get what I need?
  • What new commitments can I make to myself?

Spend time gaining as many golden nuggets of learning that you can so that you can carry them forward to your new relationship.

Get clear of that old energy now and go towards the love of your life – because your true love is waiting for you.

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