3 Keys to Becoming Irresistibly Magnetic
October 21, 2013
Becoming irresistibly magnetic is every woman’s birthright. That’s what we are made for. If you’re not feeling irresistibly magnet, it’s because something is holding down the wonderful you that’s inside waiting to shine out.

Here are 3 keys to unleash your radiance. You need to identify these:

Your passions

What lights you up? What excites and thrills you? What would you do if money weren’t an issue? Part of becoming magnetic is a deep sense of our own value in touch with your passions What are you creating? What do you want to contribute? What are you here for? We start to ask these deeper questions and then we start to live those things right now.

Your values

Your values are the core of what you see as important to your best life. You can identify these by asking, “How do I send my time?” and “How do I spend my money?” The answers will tell you where you place value, not what you think you should value but what you truly value. When your actions and choices are in line with your true values, you will feel light and have clear purpose. You will also be in places to attract a partner with the same values. Your clear values make you irresistibly magnetic to others with similar values.

Your non-negotiables

Non-negotiables are things that you won’t move from. They are settled for now and forever. Maybe you are vegan and don’t want a relationship with a non-vegan. Maybe you love to play outdoors, and you don’t want to be with a couch potato. Those kind of things.

Getting very clear on what you want in a partner, and also in your life, is a huge step toward stepping into your natural radiance. When you know what you want, it’s easy to spot what fits and what doesn’t. Focus on what you want and let the rest go—draining relationships, negative energy, and fuzzy thinking. When you get clear on what you do want, you also become clear on what you don’t want. Your choices fall into alignment organically, and you can shine out as the true you.

Don’t wait for years, thinking you have to meet someone special in order to become your best self and really start living. Being irresistibly magnetic is about living your best life right now! Ask yourself these 3 questions. Take it on one step at a time and begin to live in your purpose, according to your values, and honoring your non-negotiables. Be that person right now so your beloved recognizes you. When that person sees those things in you, you will feel irresistible to them.

It’s magical. Love will show up all around you everywhere we go. It’s not only about attracting romance. It’s about living an extraordinary life to attract extraordinary love.

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