Radiance: How to Attract Great Love No Matter what your Looks, Shape or Size
November 21, 2013
Beauty has become associated with the external images of attractiveness that society has put on us. These images dictate the “perfect” size or shape we should be and what we should look like.

We’ve all had the experience of meeting someone who, as first glimpse, appeared attractive. Yet in knowing them further, we realize that they are unhappy, have no passion and are not confident in them selves. These things dim down their light.

We may also have had the experience of meeting someone who was not conventionally attractive in the way society dictates, yet we find ourselves drawn to them and just wanting to be around them. That is because they have radiance. They are magnetic.

Beauty can be fixed or static. A painting, room or tapestry can be beautiful. Radiance is the living, ever-expressing, dynamic and shining part of us. When we are radiant we are shining the light of who we are, everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. When we are radiant we are truly authentic and free from any false beliefs about ourselves. We are centered in our own power and value, and are not trying to search for love or gain approval from others. Radiance has nothing to do with size, weight, shape, age or any other physical flaw we may think we have.

A radiant woman is irresistibly magnetic and will always attract a powerful, masculine man who is living on purpose with his life.

The Rules we Live By that Don’t Allow Our Radiance to Shine

So many of us imagine that we have to look a certain way to have the love and relationship we want. We tell ourselves that if only we were younger, slimmer, taller, smaller or more beautiful in some way, our dream man or woman would show up. Even if we don’t actually say this, it is as though these myths are always in the air. We are also aware that others feel and are aware of these underlying “rules” that society has put on us. We think that our perceived physical flaws are the reason why love hasn’t come to us and we become preoccupied and obsessed with what it would take to gain the attention of a desired man or woman. We also compare ourselves to other women and can find ourselves secretly comparing how we measure up.

We want to become free of these rules and begin relishing in the pleasure of our own unique beauty. That is true radiance.

Why Are We So Out of Touch with Our Radiance?

We may have formed beliefs about our attractiveness due to past experiences. We have then become stuck in these beliefs. We hide ourselves away and become invisible and afraid to be really seen because of these beliefs about ourselves. We are also scared to be fully seen because of the attention we imagine we would get from men and the rejection we think we would get from women if we were to fully be ourselves. We feel inferior and so we try to make ourselves more externally beautiful to cover up these inner feelings. Meanwhile we never reveal our true authentic selves and our radiance never shines

How Do We Become Radiant?

We become radiant when we become unwilling to hide away any longer! We become radiant when we get in touch with the truth of who we are and our own value. When we get in touch with our passions, our vision, our contribution to the world and start to express ourselves fully.

We need to ask: “What is it costing me to remain invisible and unexpressed?”

We need to make all of the beliefs, assumptions and conclusions we have conscious, and then begin to challenge them and wake up to what is actually true about us.

We start to see that living in our radiance is about embracing our uniqueness and using this to walk through life contributing to and giving a blessing to others, which also allows and encourages others to shine their radiance too.

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