Spiritual Partnership: What Does It Mean To Have A Relationship Based on Spiritual Connection?
November 21, 2013
Summary: Spiritual partnership is a shared journey of deeper love and acceptance for your self, for each other, and for others. It starts with a deep commitment to your own process of healing to find deeper levels of love, acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and for your partner.

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Spiritual partnership is different from a typical romantic relationship. First, at its core spiritual partnership is a shared journey of deeper love and acceptance for your self, for each other, and for others.

Second, spiritual partnership makes a statement that there’s not everyday life and then spiritual life. Rather, it’s seeing your relationship as a vital and integral aspect of your spiritual life and your spiritual path.

Third, it means you start with the foundation that any healthy relationship would have––such as love, respect, appreciation, compassion, empathy, and loyalty. Then, in addition to this you make a deep commitment to your own process of healing where you continue to find deeper levels of love and acceptance and forgiveness for yourself, your past, and your pain, so you can then give these deeper levels of love and acceptance to your partner.

It’s the idea that if I have something that’s unlovable in me, an area where I feel I don’t deserve love or I’m not worthy of love and if my partner exhibits behavior that’s similar to mine, I won’t be able to extend love and acceptance to my partner because that’s not something I can give to myself. The more I’m able to love myself in these places, I’llhave more love to give to my partner, more acceptance to give to my partner, more forgiveness and mercy for my partner.

A spiritual, conscious partnership has a foundational context of learning, growing, and healing. You are committed to this not only for yourself but also for your partner. Spiritual relationship is a container for the full flourishing of each other’s gifts and talents and greatness where you hold a space for each other to become your best selves.

When you look to attract this type of relationship, you’re going to get very specific with your intentionto become who youneed to BE to attract spiritual partnership. More and more people want a relationship where they can grow and learn and heal. That’s very different from what you might have seen in your role models and the media and society. This is a new paradigm in relationship.

When you want to be in spiritual partnership, before you meet this future partner you’re asking those deeper questions––who would I need to BE to attract this spiritual relationship? What would I need to let go of? What would I need to embrace? What new skills and capacities would I need to learn? What does that look like in my life? You start to get very specific on your values and your vision and who you would need to be.Your values are what you’re committed to and what’s important to you. Your vision is what you want to do with your life, what sort of life you want to create. Once you know these things for yourself, you are looking for a partner who is aligned with these things.

That’s not to say you must have it all sorted out before you meet someone, because when you do meet someone, you’re going to continue that process of growing and learning and evolving. You’re asking these questions of yourself as well as potential partners—almost auditioning them before you get involved.

This is a whole different context and different foundation from wanting someone tall with brown eyes. Yes, you will find this person physically attractive as well, but the foundation and the context of the relationship is very different to what you might have been taught where love sweeps you off your feet and you can’t help yourself: you have no choices. It goes much deeper than that.

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