Whatever your age, body shape, color, race, past experiences or current circumstances, love is your birthright and you can have the true and fulfilling love you deserve.

Welcome and thank you for being here. 

You are here because something about the area of love and relationship in your life is not working. Whether you are single and finding yourself keep attracting the wrong types of partners while yearning for a loving connection, or you are thinking about, are going through or are still recovering from a painful break-up, or your existing relationship does not have the level of connection, intimacy and respect you would like, or you have been brought to your knees by the agony of narcissistic abuse. 

How is Julie-Anne's Coaching unique and different? 

There are many love and relationship coaches out there. They talk about releasing our beliefs and the blocks that hold us back. They talk about manifesting, setting an intention and becoming magnetic. They talk about letting go of past loves and becoming radiant. They talk about dating and communication methods and the list goes on. I know all of this inside out. I used to teach the same stuff and in fact I used all of these principles to attract my husband. 

What I didn't know at the time was that we cannot heal on a cognitive level. While these principles have their place, are valid and do indeed work to some degree, old stuck and unresolved trauma will not budge until it is shifted out of the body. Until it is shifted out, we will continue to attract the same old experiences and even if they are relieved for a while when we apply some of the secrets to manifesting, sooner or later they are likely to reemerge. You see it simply does not work to try to release beliefs and trauma using our mind. We cannot "think" our way out of the old patterns. 

What we need to do is to truly listen to our bodies, go inside and meet the young unhealed parts of ourselves that are crying out for our attention. We then heal those parts by deeply connecting and embracing them and then releasing all of the stuck trauma out of our bodies. This creates the space inside of us for all the good stuff. It creates a solid foundation to then build a life of joy, abundance and love beyond measure. What we actually do is come home to ourselves and become our true selves that we have always been. 

My coaching and work is for those who truly want to get to the root of the pain and heal it once and for all. It is for those who want to up-level and transcend the pain and patterns of the past and enter into a whole new trajectory, vibrating on a new level of consciousness where life now has to meet you because that is universal law. Life simply has to match the new inner you because our outer experiences ALWAYS reflect our inner world. 

Your complimentary "Let's get to know each other" Session 

All coaching begins with a relaxed and loving complimentary talk with me so that we can become acquainted, you can feel at ease and get a feel for my coaching style, ask your questions, discuss cost and payment options and generally feel comfortable should you decide to move forward. I can get a feel for your specific needs and desires so that I can be sure to design a program fully customized for you and to best gain the results you are looking for. I have learned that there is no "one size fits all" and while a course of sessions is generally recommended, you may like to start or indeed only need one session and that's perfectly okay. This time is given with the highest integrity, love and with your wellbeing and needs being of the first priority. 

To get started with your complimentary session, visit the coaching page that is relevant to your situation and click on the “Book your complimentary session” link to request your session 

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