Move from Your Ex-Love to Your AMAZING Next-Love!

October 6, 2014

Are you still pining over an ex? Is there someone in your life that you are calling a “friend” but you are secretly hoping that you will get back together?

When you want to attract new love but you are still thinking about an old love, you give out a confused love signal! It’s vital that you are freed up from any old loves so that your new love can come to you.

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Becoming an Excellent Receiver

September 4, 2014

So many of us are great at giving but are not very good at receiving. We find it easy to give but more difficult to receive. For example: we deflect attention away from ourselves when people pay us a compliment or we don’t ask for what we need for fear of being a burden.

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Cultivating Receptivity: Irresistible to a Quality Man!

August 4, 2014

In romantic relationships, there is a giver and a receiver.

Some people call this a pursuer and an accepter, but the central idea is that one person leads the dance and the other follows as long as the second person feels happy and comfortable following. The receiver/accepter can always bow out and stop dancing at any time.

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Spring Fever: 5 Ways to Open Up to Find New Love

March 31, 2014

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, trees are turning green again, birds are building their nests and we all naturally become more interested in finding love, sex and romance.

With longer, lighter and brighter days, you have a spring in your step as you start to think about new beginnings.

Are you ready to find new love? It may be you could do with a little “spring cleaning” to draw in the love you want.

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