How to set up a safe and magnetic dynamic while dating and in the first stages of a new relationship

November 21, 2013

So here we are having been committed to working on ourselves and becoming our best and most magnetic selves in order to call in an extraordinary love and relationship. We begin dating and putting ourselves out there. Perhaps we meet someone we like and are attracted to, and start to explore relationship. But how do we stay open and magnetic during this time?

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Radiance: How to Attract Great Love No Matter what your Looks, Shape or Size

Beauty has become associated with the external images of attractiveness that society has put on us. These images dictate the “perfect” size or shape we should be and what we should look like.

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Embracing Past Hurt and Pain: the key to your healing and freedom to attract your true love

October 21, 2013

Do you have the experience of attracting unavailable, uncommitted men? Do you feel unseen or unheard? Are you the one doing all the giving in your relationships?

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3 Keys to Becoming Irresistibly Magnetic

Becoming irresistibly magnetic is every woman’s birthright. That’s what we are made for. If you’re not feeling irresistibly magnet, it’s because something is holding down the wonderful you that’s inside waiting to shine out.

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The Top 4 Things men are looking for in a woman

We’ve all been there. I remember having yet another break-up with a man I really thought was Mr. Right. Yes, I had felt the subtle “clues” over the last few weeks or so but I didn’t want to acknowledge them, I certainly didn’t want to address them. Kept hoping for the best, making all kinds of excuses! You know how it goes: he’s not phoning as often, he’s not communicating what he feels, he seems to have pulled back.

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Success Stories

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